Tips to style Cotton Mulmul Sarees

Around summer season women are constantly in search of comfortable clothes. And what can be more comfortable to wear in summer than the cotton sarees. Actually the cotton sarees are saviors for all the women be it working ones or a housewives. But many of us avoid wearing the light cotton saree as we have this misconception that we can’t look glamorous in a cotton saree which is obviously not true. Hence here we are sharing few tips on how to look stylish in cotton sarees.

Accessorize with eyecatching jewellery

To give a style twist to your boring cotton sarees what you can do is add a bit of funky jewellery. You can wear pop colored bangles and neck piece to create a stylish look for yourself in cotton sarees.

Stylish Blouses

You can make your simple cotton saree look like the most stylish one by pairing them with the stylish blouses. Off late many have started Started to donne cotton sarees with crop tops, t-shirts, boat neck blouses and have given a complete makeover to the cotton sarees.

Throw Ethnic Jacket

Well if you are wearing a plain cotton saree, then to add a bit of twist to your simple cotton saree. All that you need to do is throw an ethnic jacket. You can either pick up a short length jacket or a long length coat to add a smart quotient to your cotton saree.

Make Up

To get a stylish look in a cotton saree, it’s very important that you do the make up properly. Use jet black eyeliner to create a winged liner look and add a bit of kajal in the bottom water lashes. Blusher and complete the look. In terms of jewellery you can just wear statement earrings and shine like a diva.

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