Fashion ideas for Navratri 4

With the onset of spring, Navratri is one of those festivals which are no longer limited to fasting and reverence but also involve decking up and keeping the festive vibe buzzing throughout the nine days with the eye-catching outfits. One word which can define the beauty of this fabric, that would exquisite. This fabric has such grace and elegance that you could fall in love with it with just one look. All because this fabric is a unique blend of two most widely worn fabrics- Cotton and Silk.

This fabric is woven on a traditional pit loom in such a fashion that is produce square checks pattern on the fabric the delicately wrought checks.

Guess which fabric is it??

Kota doriya, with its distinctiveness in style, has grown to become one of the popular Indian fabrics. Dipped and dyed in bright summer hues of orange, yellow, red and blue, the feather-like and breezy kota doria fabric can be fashioned into heritage Kota saris or fusion outfits like capes, asymmetrical or front slit kurtas.

Take the middle route with palazzo suits that make your dressing game absolutely fuss-free. Carrying this one requires minimal effort but still yields impeccable results. For a drop-dead gorgeous effect. You choose one with a floor length, middle-slit jacket.

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