Chanderi kurtis are known for their light weight, glossy texture and slight shimmer that makes them stand out from other fabrics. The chanderi fabric is believed to have originated in the Vedic period. What makes this fabric so celebrated is the class and grace that it adds to a woman’s persona. We have collection of Chanderi Suit are available in chanderi cottons and chanderi silk kurtis.

1. Leggings

Although a cliché, leggings are an evergreen style. The trend of pairing  Chanderi kurtis with leggings definitely does not need an introduction. This combination is totally effortless and can be found in every girl’s closet. Choose leggings in fabrics such as lycra, rayon, or PVC to get the perfect fit all day long with your chanderi kurtis. For a more chic look, go for ankle length leggings. Shimmer leggings can be worn to parties and functions.

2. Churidars

Although a costlier version of leggings, churidars have an unmatchable grace and style. Collar neck Chanderi kurtis look best when styled with a churidar and leggings are mostly suited for a casual look. Also, churidars are mostly tailor-made, thus giving them a personalized touch.

3. Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants finish up at the ankle and give your look a modern feel. This fashion trend of teeming up kurtis with cigarette pants is quite a lot in the buzz and all for good reasons. Chanderi kurtis can be easily paired with a pair of pants that are not just stylish but also lightweight and easy to carry. You can complete you look with heels and wedges to stay stylish all day long.

4. Jeggings

As the name suggests, Jeggings are a fusion of jeans and leggings. They combine the style of jeans along with the comfort of leggings. Chanderi kurtis can be easily paired with jeggings to add a contemporary touch to your look. Jeggings are a great fashion fad amongst the college girls and seem to have almost replaced the traditional jeans.

5. Jeans

Chanderi kurtis can also be paired with jeans for a modern appeal. This combination works great for the office look and can also be replaced with formal trousers. It is always advisable to pair short tunic style chanderi kurtas, instead of long ones, along with jeans. You can style your kurti-jeans look along with bold hand and neck accessories.

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